The brand Cara was launched back in 2009 and is principally focused on satin-ribbon environmentally-friendly bracelets and is proving an ever growing success in Sweden with numerous celebrities publically endorsing the brand on television and in magazines. Thanks to the brand's growing popularity, Cara is becoming increasingly international with its most thriving distributors in Greece, France and Denmark. This success is allowing the business and the support of diabetes research to grow in tandem.

My name is Sofia Bergqvist and I am a swedish accessory designer who has had diabetes since I was a little girl. When a dear friend of mine, also a diabetic, passed away a few years ago, I felt I had to start giving something back. As a result, for certain bracelet sold I donate €1 to the Swedish Diabetic Fund.
All Cara bracelets are handmade in both Gothenburg, Sweden and London UK and are therefore unique and made with a lot of love. The fabric is satin ribbon with ballchains in stainless steel, 18k gold plating, strasschains, metal flower-and pearlchains and metal buttons. The bracelets do not contain any nickel or anything that is harmful to the environment.

The Cara brand has been growing rapidly and has begun to penetrate various markets around Europe and the US following the enormously successful sponsorship of the daytime Emmy Awards in LA during the summer 2011.
Cara has also launched its male collection called BY CARA and followed up its design development with launching a Kids collection called "Litlle Diva Has Arrived" 2013. Cara has also done several co-operation with Swedish celebrities designing their own lines for Cara.

During 2014 Cara launched two diabetes collections together with the Swedish Diabetic Fund where between 30-50kr directly went to the research of the disease and the Fund. This has been a very successful collection and a huge satisfaction to be able to contribute to a cause so important. More to come under 2015. 

2015 is going to be an exciting year. New designs is taking shape, new co-operations are planned and new markets laying ahead. I have a lot to do, so its better I get started...

Enjoy Cara! 

Sofia Bergqvist, Founder