Handmade Cara bracelet with Buddha faces as details. Buddha faces with rhinestones, Diabetes Buddha Diamond Mix - Limited Edition
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Buddha Diamond Mix - Limited Edition

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Product Description:

Super decorative handmade bracelets with gold colored diamond Buddha faces. The bracelets are a Limited Edition during a few weeks. 

Colors: Neon pink/White/Yellow and Hot pink.
Fabric: Satin ribbon.
Buddha faces: Four gold colored Buddhas on the bracelet with rhinestones in either pink or blue.
Lock: Gold colored Buddha as button.
Length: Approximately18 cm.
Width: 12mm.
One size fits all thanks to stretchable fastener/locking mechanism.
Nickel free.
Gold colored Cara-logo.
Delivery time: 9 days in Europe, 2 days for Sweden.
Handmade and therefore unique.