Cara is love. In Italy it is pronounced kara and means dear. For me, it means my dear creations that I design and produce myself.

My name is Sofia Bergqvist and I have a background in fashion. In the summer of 2009, I launched my accessories Cara, which is a bracelet braided by silk ribbons. These bracelets are created by love through their own handwork and their own design. They are manufactured today in a variety of colors and combinations, in the form of different collections, and after ordering. The design is varied with different ornaments of pearl ribbons, ball chains in stainless steel and some models with details covered in 18k or rose gold. Everything is nickel-free and in noble materials. In addition to a large selection of bracelets for women, there is a children's and men's collection.

Cara stands for more than being a nice accessory by contributing to the research on diabetes. This is a topic that is very close to my heart when a close friend passed away a few years ago in diabetes and because I myself have had the disease for over 20 years. On March 13, 2014, the official "Diabetes Arm Band for Research" was launched together with the Diabetes Foundation, just as the Pink Ribbon is the symbol of cancer. For every sold bracelet, money has been donated directly to the fund and the research. On the World Diabetes Day on November 14, the second collection, The leaf of life, was presented. The bracelets then existed in five different models with pendants depicting a leaf that symbolizes life - the leaves of life. New for that collection were also children's bracelets in two different designs. It was an honorary mission to get the opportunity to produce bracelets that have become a symbol of such an important thing.

Over the years, the Cara Collection has been represented by retailers except in Sweden, Denmark, France, Greece and customers from around the world, which feels fantastic. I am also extremely grateful for all the press Cara has received during her years in magazines such as Ladies' World, Femina, Chic, Amelia, Weekly Revyn, One year with the Royal Family and an article in Croatian Elle. And not least all the fantastic bloggers like Carolina Gynning and Isabella Löwengrip who wrote so much about Cara. Thank you most humbly for everything.

In the year 2019, it is 10 years since the start and it will of course be celebrated. A brand new diabetic collection will be launched this spring. An anniversary collection that I am very pleased with. Not least for its fine design but above all a part of the money is donated - Filip Söderhielm's Memorial Fund for Life Joy. Filip Söderhielm was once my dear boyfriend who some after our time together passed away in his diabetes just 26 years young.
Philip's wonderful parents, dear brother and wonderful friends created Filip Söderhielm's Memorial Fund for Life Joy where their main direction is to give scholarships to young people with type 1 diabetes who have a medical and financial need to educate their dog to diabetes dogs. I think this is a completely unique initiative that should be supported in every way.
In 2019, 10% of all diabetes accessories will be donated to Filip Sällskapet.

Enjoy Cara!

Xx Sofia

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