Cara 2.0 - NEW Edition - Fjällbacka Cara 2.0 - NEW Edition - Fjällbacka Cara 2.0 - NEW Edition - Fjällbacka
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Cara 2.0 - NEW Edition - Fjällbacka

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Cara 2.0 - NEW Edition

After a few years when Cara's classic collection with braided bracelets has got some rest, 2020 is the year when Cara 2.0 is back !!
These colorful bracelets worn by a great many people and influencers who wrote split meters about Cara. So thankful for everything!

New thing about the bracelets is that they have been given a slightly more uncut design than before. Bands that are longer on the sides and which are to flutter in the wind, but which can of course be trimmed if you wish.
The lock is still an elastic band that is pulled over a button. The length of the bracelets is one and the same but as the silk straps stretch, you can pull at the ends if you want it to be bigger / longer.

2020 will be the year we will always remember because of Covid-19. Many people will be traveling in our beautiful Sweden this summer, and not least on the west coast where I belong. Therefore, this new collection is dedicated with names derived from the coast.

Cara's new "carameller" will be a really nice detail for your outfit!

Material: Braided silk bands in three different blue shades

Size: The bracelets are buttoned with a gold elastic band over a gold button

Note: Nickel free and environmentally friendly materials